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Sea Of Tranquility
Sea Of Tranquility
Sea Of Tranquility


Membership in Tranquility Lodge No.2000 is open to all Master Masons in Texas under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Texas, A.F. & A.M., or members in Good Standing of those Grand Lodges that are in Fraternal Communication with the Grand Lodge of Texas. APPLICATION



Tranquility Lodge 2000 was Chartered by The Grand Lodge of Texas for the purpose of promoting, encouraging, conducting and fostering the principles of Freemasonry, and to assist in promoting the health, welfare, education and patriotism of children worldwide.



Born Edwin Eugene Aldrin, Jr. January 20, 1930, Montclair, New Jersey. Later, legally changed his name to "Buzz Aldrin".


Texas Freemasonry on the Moon

Tranquility Lodge 2000 was established for the purpose of promoting, conducting, and fostering the humanitarian principles of Freemasonry for all people, by promoting improvements in education, health and welfare. To these ends, the lodge will seek to establish a financial basis that will allow it to address requests for help and assistance from worthy organizations, worldwide, to make life better for all children living on Earth.

To accomplish this mission, Tranquility Lodge 2000 requires the support of all worthy Freemasons around the world. Your membership in TL2K will help establish the financial basis from which worldwide benevolence may flow. Please, consider becoming a member of Tranquility Lodge 2000 and help us in our work!

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