Mare Chrisium is in the upper left of the image, just below which is Mare Fecunditatis. Adjacent and to the right is Mare Tranquillitatis (The Sea of Tranquility - Apollo 11 landing site), then moving up and to the right is Mare Serenitatis (The Sea of Serenity). The Apollo 17 landing site is in the brighter cratered area to the left of Mare Serenitatis where it joins with Mare Tranquillitatis.

The relatively bright white area towards the lower left of the image is the 82-mile (132-km) wide crater "Langrenus". Although not visible in this image, Langrenus features fine-terraced walls and a half mile high central mountain peak.


Born Edwin Eugene Aldrin, Jr.
 January 20, 1930, Montclair, New Jersey. Later, legally changed his name to "Buzz Aldrin". Married, has three children.

Education: B.S., U.S. Military Academy, 1951. Ph.D. in Astronautics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1963.

Spaceflights:  Pilot, Gemini 12 (1966).
 Lunar module Pilot, Apollo 11 (1969).

Chosen with the third group of astronauts in 1963. Was backup pilot for Gemini 9, pilot on Gemini 12, backup command module pilot for Apollo 8, and lunar module pilot for Apollo 11 (second man to walk on the Moon). Resigned from NASA in July 1971 to become Commandant of the Aerospace Research Pilot's School at Edwards AFB, California. Retired from the Air Force in 1972 and became a consultant for the Comprehensive Care Corporation, Newport Beach, California. Currently resides in southern California and lectures and consults on space sciences with Starcraft Enterprises. Has authored two books, Return to Earth and Men From Earth.

Astronaut & Masonic
Lunar Module Pilot.

Together with Commander Neil Armstong, the first two men to walk on the Moon- July 20th, 1969


People Magazine
voted Brother Buzz Aldrin's and Neil Armstrong's walk on the moon,

The following Masons are/were all astronauts in the service of NASA.

Bro. Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr. (1st Mason to walk on the Moon)

Bro. Frank Borman

Bro. Virgil I. Grissom

Bro. Leroy Gordon Cooper, Jr.

Bro. Walter M. Schirra, Jr.

Bro. Donn F. Eisele

Bro. Edgar D. Mitchell

Bro. John Glenn, Jr. 

Bro. Thomas P. Stafford

Bro. Paul J. Weitz